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Nathaniel Amezcua
Madison Arreola
Chloe Arroyo
Viridiana Dominguez
Ivan Espinoza
Nathaly Flores
Viridiana Garcia
Daniela Gomez
Khiara Gonzalez
Mia Martinez
Uziel Martinez
Mia Munoz
Leilanie Najera
Emily Perez
Natalia Pinzon
Dibanhi Sanchez
Camila Saucedo
Jimena Saucedo
Alexis Silva
Valeria Tapia
Alexandra Torres
Daniela Velazquez

Student Council

We call our students “The Ambassadors” of RFK. We fulfill our responsibilities. We are school leaders and play managers. We help students practice the 4 Bs, work as a team, organize school activities to promote school pride, fundraise for school functions, fundraise for Leukemia and Lymphoma Pennies for Patients as well as raise money for Student Council needed items. In addition, we annually attend the East Side Pathway Leadership Conference at Garfield High School to learn leadership and team building skills from their ASB mentors. We MC school-wide festivities and attend bimonthly afterschool meetings.


Each fourth through sixth grade classroom elects 6 students to serve on the council.  The officers works with classroom representative to learn leadership and decision-making skills and the importance of effective communication

  • President-Supervises student body activities and runs council meetings
  • Vice President-Assists the president and fills in when the president isunavailable
  • Secretary-Keeps accurate records of meetings and student body activity schedules
  • Treasure-Keeps track of student body funds
  • Grade-Level Representatives-Assist in making decisions and keeping their classmates informed

Student council members must pledge to be a responsible Student Council Member.
They must also:

  • Maintain an average 3 or above GPA
  • Maintain overall positive behavior and work habits
  • Attend every meeting and event
  • Fulfill daily play manager duties

Our Motto: “There’s No I in Team”