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Attendance & Wellness

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Attendance Matters

Attendance is important

Perfect Attendance

Attendance in Early Grades

Who is Affected

What can read?


Who is Affected?

who can read?

Excused Absences

Attendance Checklist for Parents

Attendance Tips

Consejos de Asistencia para Padres

Parent Tips Spanish

It is important that students are in class every day and on time and for the full length of the school day! 

Es importante que los estudiantes estén en clase todos los días, a tiempo y durante todo el tiempo.

LAUSD Calendar

**Updated Achievement Calendar**


Mrs. Tristan

Resource Fair

Resource Fair

Engagement Flyer

Engagement Flyer Spanish


Feb Attendance Challenge Winners

Parent Workshops

Suicide Prevention

Student & Family Wellness  Hotline 

Línea directa de Bienestar para Estudiantes y Familias

Wellness Hotline

Student Support Programs

Self Care Tips for Parents

Self Care

Cuidado Personal para Padres

Cuidado Persoanl Para Padres

                 Grab & Go                      Centro De Comida Para Llevar

Grab and Go

Family Source Centers    Centros de Fuentes Familiares

Family Source Centers

Open Wellness Centers   Centros de Bienestar Abiertos

Wellness Centers

Simple Activities for Children & Adolescents 

Videos For Students

Wellness Videos

Videos de Bienestar

On and Off

Bubble Breath

Mood Walk

Get Up and Move Videos

Videos de Movimiento


Still Standing

Touchdown Dance

Taking Care of our Brains

Taking care of our brains spanish