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Staff Directory

To email a staff member, click on the envelop icon to the left of their name. 

Contact Robert Martinez  Robert Martinez Principal
Assistant Principal
Contact Jacqueline Chavez  Jacqueline Chavez Assistant Principal
Contact Lois Caron  Lois Caron Teacher
Contact Magaly Cruz  Magaly Cruz Teacher
Contact Lisa Heather  Lisa Heather Teacher
Contact Leticia Lopez  Leticia Lopez Teacher
Contact Noelia Monarrez  Noelia Monarrez Teacher
Contact Gabriela Murphy  Gabriela Murphy Teacher
Contact Maricela Reyes  Maricela Reyes Teacher
Contact Patricia Rodriguez  Patricia Rodriguez Teacher
Contact Miguel Sanchez  Miguel Sanchez Teacher
Contact Daniel Santoyo  Daniel Santoyo Teacher
Contact Alisa Sato  Alisa Sato Teacher
Contact Epigmenio Serrato  Epigmenio Serrato Teacher
Contact Sonia Steinert  Sonia Steinert Teacher
Contact Maria Villa  Maria Villa Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Ybarra  Elizabeth Ybarra Teacher
Contact Vivian Zamorano  Vivian Zamorano Teacher
Support Staff
Contact Linda De Leon  Linda De Leon Psychologist
Contact Cesar Kwandiaz  Cesar Kwandiaz Speech Therapist
Contact Katy Mackey  Katy Mackey Occupational Therapist
Contact Cristie Martinez  Cristie Martinez Adapted Physical Education Teacher
Contact Adriana Melendez  Adriana Melendez School Administrative Assistant
Contact Romalyn Patummas  Romalyn Patummas Physical Therapist
Contact Pedro Preciado  Pedro Preciado Coordinator
Contact Leslie Price  Leslie Price Instrumental Music
Contact Adriana Romero  Adriana Romero Office Tech
Contact Rene Rowland  Rene Rowland Vocal Music
Contact Susan Tan  Susan Tan School Nurse