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Keep Youth Doing Something

“KYDS”, a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization, has a mission to empower underserved, low-income and at-risk youth to fulfill their individual potentials and participate constructively in the community by integrating the efforts of community service providers, government officials and agencies, schools, law enforcement, private businesses and caring individuals.

We believe that entire communities benefit when economically disadvantaged and at-risk youth and their families are provided with access to a variety of services along with enrichment, recreation and educational opportunities. “KYDS” strives to provide such opportunities within safe “havens” where children and teens are able to learn, play, and be inspired toward a more positive future.

Each day, “KYDS” offers options for hundreds of children to experience new successes and expand their vision of possibilities. Children can develop caring and respectful relationships with each other and with adults while improving their chances of academic success. Through our efforts and the collaboration of our many partners, it is our goal that the children and families we serve come away enlightened, understanding that they have attainable options and the power to make a beneficial impact on their community.

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