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About Kennedy

Principal's Message

Words cannot express how fortunate I have been these past three years to serve as the principal at the Robert  F. Kennedy Elementary School.  It seems like only yesterday when the Kennedy students, faculty, and parents first dazzled me with their passion, positive attitudes, never-ending eagerness to persevere, and their enthusiasm for the ideals of fine education.  Their dedication to learning in its purest form has helped surpass the already high expectations that I held when I first joined the Kennedy community.  Every day I find myself beaming inside and out as I observe the children’s noteworthy growth as both students and individuals as a result of their own hard work and determination and their teachers’ and parents’ dedication and commitment.

As I advance further and further along this “trail,” I am met everywhere I look with students, faculty, and parents who share the common goal of growth through learning, team work, and perseverance.  Here in City Terrace, Kennedy has a unique community whose supportive environment and resources put its members at ease and ensure that no one is afraid to strive towards reaching his or her full potential.  The community unites in this shared aspiration and as a result works hard to ensure Kennedy's continued tradition of excellence. There is no greater satisfaction than watching each and every student thrive.  The high standards that we hold for everyone in our community provide goals to work towards and sources of pride time after time they are met.  I am so proud to be part of this wonderful Kennedy family and look forward to witnessing the continued strengthening of the already tight community bonds that this school year will surely bring about.

Parents please come see me for any concern you may have, small or big.  My open door policy applies to all.  Together, we can find a solution to benefit our greatest resource,the students.  I can also be reached at and will respond in a timely manner. GO COUGARS!!


Robert Martinez, Principal
Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School
Phone: (323) 263-9627
Fax: (323) 263-6871

Mission Statement

The vision of Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School is to be recognized as a school of distinction by creating a community of learners who value and strive for higher education.

Vision Statement

Through teamwork and leadership, Robert F. Kennedy Elementary will provide a rigorous, standards-based curriculum that addresses the needs of all students in a safe, respectful community and motivates students to be lifelong learners.